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Nature and culture

Geldersch Landschap en Kastelen

Experience the peace as you walk through the Gelderse woods. Put your picnic blanket in the sand between the flowering heather. Hold your breath when you are face to face with a deer-mother and her young. Be impressed by an ancient old oak or an even older castle. Surprise yourself about the luxury in which the residents of a country house lived. Experience the province of Gelderland full of nature and past. More than 150 beautiful nature reserves, castles and estates in Gelderland have been entrusted to the care of the Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen foundation.

Open to everyone

You are most welcome in seven of the castles and country houses and in almost all nature reserves. Information panels and information centers give you the background that makes your visit even more exciting. How old is that hill? Which count lived here? Which animals live here? Visit the Geldersch Landschap en Kasteelen website to discover where you can go and see.

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