Tiny Offices by Droomparken

The Tiny Offices are a first step to recreating & working in the future. As a modern recreation company, we notice that the dividing line between leisure time and work is gradually becoming blurred. Some holiday makers want to do some work undisturbed while others visit our parks to gain inspiration and new energy for a personal project.

That is why Droomparken now offers Tiny Offices; compact workspaces at inspiring locations with all kinds of resources that support the creative process. At Droomparken you can come and work freely with a view of the relaxing nature.

On this page you will find more information about the Tiny Offices, how they can be used and what the advantages of these smart workshops are. Let us know what you think with the hashtag #TinyOfficesDroomparken.

Tiny Offices in the Veluwe

Droompark de Zanding is a wooded recreation park in the Veluwe. The various facilities (including swimming pool, wellness, catering, beach and natural lake) and the location on a nature reserve make this park a popular holiday destination. The green environment gives you a relaxed feeling and is a natural source of inspiration. Do you really want to make it an inspiring stay? Then book a Tiny House in combination with a Tiny Office.

Tiny Offices near Amsterdam

Looking for an inspiring and unique environment for a meeting or project? There are two Tiny Offices at Droompark Spaarnwoude (Halfweg) less than 20 minutes' drive from Amsterdam. This Droompark is popular with the business market because of its central location, modern housing, good hospitality and available meeting room. The Tiny Offices are therefore a logical addition and make it possible to work undisturbed with a view of a pond.

Guests use a Tiny Office for free

The Tiny Offices are available free of charge for the guests of Droompark de Zanding and Spaarnwoude. For example, during the holiday you could retire to do some work undisturbed or you could go on holiday to gain new inspiration for a personal project! The Tiny Offices are available per day part and can be reserved in advance. Ask about this at the lobby or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

How do I book a Tiny Office?

The Tiny Offices can be reserved at the lobby of Droompark de Zanding and Spaarnwoude. Do you want to be sure that the Tiny Office will be available during your stay? Then it is also possible to reserve the Tiny Offices online by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page. The staff of the park in question will then contact you to confirm the reservation.

Use a Tiny Office without a stay

Tiny Offices are available for guests and owners free of charge. Are you not staying at the park, but would you still like to use a Tiny Office? This is possible by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. For a fee it is then possible to reserve a Tiny Office per part of the day. We are happy to welcome you in the lobby at the park, where you can also drink free coffee and tea.

What do I have to take into account?

There are enough sockets in the Tiny Offices

The Tiny Offices can be locked with a key; ideal for a short break

Coffee and tea is available for free at the park lobby

There is no toilet, we would like to refer you to the lobby for that. Stretch your legs ;-)

There are all kinds of resources available to support the creative process:
Pens and markers
Drawing pins
Make use of these resources, but also leave them for the next person.
Have you had a good session? Don't forget (tidy up) your things!



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