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Tax Advantages

Easy and successful investing in recreational villas and/or bungalows.
Owing one or multiple recreational properties is not only an appealing prospect from a personal enjoyment perspective, but like the properties themselves, the returns are also tangible, safe, and solid. Returns in the long term come in the form of increase in value, while returns in the short term are generated through rental. Investing in recreational properties and chalets is therefore certainly worth it. Especially in these times!

Tax-free returns
The recreational sector has been enjoying growing demand for years. Properties at unique locations will become scarcer. You don’t have to wait for future (value) developments, as renting out your recreational property will generate financial gains right away. You will benefit from all tax advantages from the start. Rental fees include 6% VAT. Up to an amount of €1,345 in VAT, someone who operates under the Small Businesses Scheme will be VAT-exempt.

 Aside from that, you can (in case of a new build) even claim back 21% VAT in your next tax return.