For a quick snack


Don’t feel like cooking, but no time or money for a restaurant meal? In that case, head to Cafetaria Halverwege. Order French fries and a snack, and pick a delicious ice cream as dessert! On weekdays and when the snack bar is not open, you can order snacks and pick them up at our Brasserie. Having a quick snack is great to fill up again after swimming!

Family BBQ

Is it the perfect day for a cosy BBQ with the family? We can help you out! Brasserie Halverwege offers a delicious range of BBQ meat and fish packs. The packs can be ordered by telephone or by mail. A BBQ, to preparing all those tasty meat/fish dishes, can be rented from the Brasserie.

Opening hours**

Cafetaria Halverwege is open daily from 4.00 to 9.00 pm. 


Cafetaria "Halverwege"
Zuiderweg 2
1165 NA Halfweg

Tel.: 020 - 26 21 65 2 

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