No idea is too crazy for us

At Droomparken, we are buzzing with ideas and inspiration, and nothing is too crazy for us. Read on and let us know if you have any good ideas for us.

Our Mission & Vision


(why we do what we do)

Everyone wants to have a relaxing break now and again! We offer the ideal environment for that.


(desired situation)

Droomparken is an ideal environment for a relaxing break.

Our core values

Professional management

Responsible: We assume responsibility for our staff, our actions, and our results.

  • We operate in an open and honest manner, with mutual respect
  • We operate with care and dedication
  • Our holiday-makers’ and investors’ satisfaction is always our main assessment criterion

Passionate: We have an unrelenting drive to go all out in ensuring maximum enjoyment and success for our staff, our holiday-makers, and our investors.

  • We speak about our work with great pride and enjoyment
  • We are energetic, progressive, and committed in our actions
  • Successes achieved strengthen our resolve in attaining our customers’ and our goals

Product classification

Product classification

Quality: We exceed our customers’ expectations, wishes, and needs.

  • We choose the best materials for our products
  • Our knowledge and expertise are palpable in the effects of our products

Exclusivity: We offer a sophisticated product.

  • We are innovative in the further development of our product
  • We select parks at special locations

Creativity: We think outside the box.

  • We do not limit ourselves to our own ideas
  • In designing our products, we take example from trends in other areas

Customer experience

Reliability: We stand by our promises and objectives.

  • We anticipate the preferences of and benefits for our customers
  • You can rely on us

Experience: We make sure our staff, our customers, and our investors feel at home with us.

  • We seek to create the best possible atmosphere and result
  • We are happy to listen to our customers

We do it together

Droomparken attaches great importance to having the best possible relationship with the owners of holiday homes. In addition to personal contact between the staff of Droomparken and property owners, it is important that representatives of both parties can regularly exchange ideas in a structured manner.


The independent Stichting Droomparken Advisory panel has been set up to supervise this process. This independent foundation aims to organise the desired advisory panels, which focus on the exchange of ideas about predefined topics.

Rental Panel

One example is the Rental Panel, which represents owners of rental properties in all our parks. Twice a year, the Verhuurpanel, under the guidance of an external chairman, discusses topics that are important for rental properties on the Droomparken locations with the Droomparken management.

Camping Panel

Another panel is the Camping Panel, which discusses issues that exclusively concern camping at Droomparken.


The secretariat of the Stichting Droomparken Adviespanel can be contacted via Mrs. Berma Los (b.los@droomparken.nl).

Service desk for owners

Droomparken also organises more consultation sessions, including frequent consultations between the management and representatives of park associations to guarantee clear, transparent and balanced communications between all the parties. If you have a problem, you can always contact our customer service on eigenaren@droomparken.nl.


Make-A-Wish Nederland fulfils the wishes of children aged 3 to 18 who suffer from a life-threatening illness. Fulfilling such a dear wish has a special effect on any child, but especially when those children are very ill. It gives these children, who are mostly treated as patients because of their illness, the strength to be a child again. Realising a dream can mean the world of difference for their future.

Droomparken contributes to the fulfilment of these wishes by offering a 'Break Away' moment.

Click here to go to the Make-A-Wish Nederland website and learn more about this foundation!

Amsterdam City Swim

The Amsterdam City Swim is a unique, annual, social swimming event with an enormous impact, held in the Amsterdam canals. The idea behind the event is to raise as much money as possible for the Dutch ALS Foundation; a foundation that wants to generate attention for ALS and conducts scientific research into this incurable nerve and muscle disease. Everyone can participate in this unique event by jumping into the canal and/or by making a donation.

Click here for their website and learn more about the Amsterdam City Swim!

Nationaal Park de Hoge Veluwe

Close to our Droompark De Zanding in Otterlo, Hooge Veluwe in Arnhem, Bospark Garderen in Garderen and Droompark Beekbergen in Beekbergen, is the 5,400 ha National Park De Hoge Veluwe. It is one of the most famous national parks in the Netherlands. What makes the park so unique is the combination of nature (with a high biodiversity), culture (three museums: Jachthuis, Museonder, Kröller-Müller Museum) and architecture (20 national monuments). Furthermore, the park is known for its 1,800 white bicycles which can be used for free, and because all primary schools in the Netherlands have free entry to the park to promote nature education. Almost 600,000 people visit National Park De Hoge Veluwe every year.

The income generated by National Park De Hoge Veluwe - in particular from entrance fees, given that it is a private nature reserve and therefore does not receive an annual structural government grant - is primarily spent on the management, conservation and maintenance of nature. The remainder of the income is invested in a sustainable future of the park. Droomparken contributes to this by actively promoting tickets to the National Park De Hoge Veluwe under guests and visitors. Droomparken is currently thinking about other ways to support the park.

Click here to go to the website of National Park De Hoge Veluwe for more information.

Creativity, inspiration, and courage

Creativity, inspiration, and courage are often the building blocks of a smooth-running organisation. And no matter how committed today’s entrepreneur is to maintaining the battery of inspiration and creativity fully charged, day-to-day worries and work pressure may cause him to slowly lose sight of these building blocks…

Business events at Droomparken

Meetings: Have complex matters to discuss? Doing it outside your everyday environment will make it easier and more pleasant. Droomparken can offer you a broad range of options.

Brainstorming sessions

Creative ideas are more likely to emerge in a creative environment. Droomparken’s locations offer this creative and inspiring environment.


Want to reward your staff, customers, or other connections for their hard work or years of loyalty? Let them enjoy an incentive at Droomparken.

Long-term rental

Have you sourced in an expert from abroad or temporarily seconded one of your employees to another site? Offer him or her additional comfort and freedom in the form of a temporary personal accommodation at one of our Droomparken.

Staff party

Want to organise a staff party for your company, but lack the time to do it? Have Droomparken do it all for you.

Team building

Collaboration among team members will be further strengthened by a day filled with activities you would never have thought of. Droomparken can organise the entire day for you.

Further information?

Would you like further information about or a customised offer for a business event at Droomparken, please email zakelijk@droomparken.nl.

Bram the Beaver and his friends

The Droomparken recreation team puts on a great programme filled with fun sports and game activities. These activities are organised only during the following school holidays and public holidays: Easter holiday, May holiday, Ascension Day weekend, Whitweekend, and over the high season from 06/07 to 03/09. Bram the Beaver and his friends will, of course, be on hand to make sure everyone has a fantastic adventure!

Who is Bram?

Bram comes from dream island. Dream island is located in the largest sea that exists. The sun always shines and there grow the most delicious fruits.

The dreamers

Day in, day out, Dreamers dream about fun, jolly, and exciting adventures. As they eat and drink together, they share their dreams as if they really lived them. And after that, the sleepy people of Dream Island get back to their dreaming.

Away from Dream Island!

It may sound like fun, but it is actually a bit boring. “I would love to really live the things I dream,” Bram would often think. But that all seemed far to tiring to his Dream friends. “We’ll just dream about it!” they would reply. It made Bram sadder by the day. He basically wanted to leave Dream Island, but he had no boat. Besides, where would he go?

What is that?

One day, Bram was sitting on the beach, dreaming about a place where all your dreams come true. Suddenly, he was rudely awakened by a piece of paper that was blown into his face by a gust of wind. “What’s this?” Bram shouted surprised. He looked at the piece of paper and couldn’t believe his eyes! “This is exactly the place I dreamt about! Droomparken in the Netherlands. That’s where I’ll go!”

In het écht!

All excited, he showed the piece of paper to his Dream friends. “Will you help me build a boat?” “We’ll just dream about it,” was their reply. Bram gave up and built his own boat from washed-up pieces of wood and sail. He had a moment of doubt, but eventually made a bold decision. “going!” he shouted out. Today, Bram lives with us at Droomparken, and has the wildest adventures every day. And for real this time! Not only in his dreams, but for real!

Carefree holidays with Comfortzorg

Holidays are only holidays when you don’t have to worry about a thing. About the stay, the beds or the cleaning. And you definitely do not want to worry about your own care. Droomparken is the place to be! At Droomparken, you are given a caring welcome, and where necessary, you can get the help and support you need from Comfortzorg. At all our parks, we offer tailored care in collaboration with Comfortzorg, an experienced care organisation. Comfortzorg is the largest and most experienced organisation in the field of holiday care services. Comfortzorg offers nursing care, personal care and support at all our Droomparken. Everything that is possible at home, can also be arranged at a Droompark. With Comfortzorg and Droomparken you are guaranteed a great holiday and reliable care!

Enjoy a carefree holiday in the Netherlands

For example, you can get help with washing and dressing, personal care and nursing care, help with enteral feeding and catheterisation, wound care and medical aids at your accommodation, or assistance during activities/excursions. But help with special wishes during your stay is also possible. Together with Comfortzorg, we will look at how we can realise your holiday wishes. We want to can ensure you enjoy a carefree holiday in the middle of the beautiful Dutch nature.

How is holiday care provided at Droomparken?

First, book your accommodation at one of the Droomparken. Then contact us by telephone (Tel. 055-5051252) or fill in the contact form and state that you would like to receive care from Comfortzorg during your stay. State your name, the chosen Droompark and your reservation number. Our staff will pass on your details to Comfortzorg, and Comfortzorg will contact you to discuss the desired care and/or required resources.


Comfortzorg will charge a one-off mediation fee. If you receive (home) care under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ), you have a valid indication for care at your holiday address. The care services are free of charge, except for the applicable personal contribution/deductible. Of course, it is also possible that you pay for the care yourself, from your Personal Budget (PGB) or otherwise. You will then receive a quote for the required care prior to your holiday. If you do not have either of these facilities, you can always buy in private care.

Adapted accommodations

At a number of parks, Droomparken has specially adapted accommodations. The accommodation types differ per park. For the exact accommodations and possibilities, contact us at zorg@droomparken.nl or fill in the contact form.

A tailor-made care holiday on the Veluwe!

In collaboration with AuMaZorg in Almere, Droompark Beekbergen offers unique holidays for families with children who have an autism spectrum disorder. As part of the Personal Budget (PGB), you can now engage the services of AuMaZorg during your stay on the Veluwe. The help provided focuses on, for example, the care of the children on arrival and departure. They also offer recreational packages with fun activities such as a treasure hunt, creativity and crafts or a visit to an attraction.


AuMaZorg focuses on providing care to families with a child or teenager with an autism spectrum or related disorder (ADHD/NLD/ODD/MCDD). AuMaZorg was founded 5 years ago, as it noticed parents were looking for expert family support, also during holiday periods. By entering into a partnership with Droompark Beekbergen, the two organisations can now provide the services families need to enjoy a relaxed holiday with tailor-made care. With support on arrival, departure, or in the evenings and various recreational packages, there is something for everyone. The flexible care provided can be financed from the Personal Budget (PGB) of the child needing care, and can also extend to his or her siblings.

Droompark Beekbergen

The facilities, environment and stone-built holiday villas at Droompark Beekbergen are ideal for families with children with an autism spectrum or related disorder. We have an indoor pool, spacious villas with all home comforts such as three bedrooms, a modern kitchen, large bathroom and an indoor and outdoor fireplace. The park borders 20 hectares of forest, for long walks and fun activities.

If you would like to make use of our care services during your holiday, you can also book this online. When booking your holiday, tick the extra option "I would like to add care/support from AuMaZorg". AuMaZorg will contact you to discuss and arrange the desired care/support. 

Click here to check out the care package of AuMaZorg.
Click here to check availability or to make a reservation.


Do you have a question or would you like to book a care holiday? If you fill in the contact form, we will be happy to discuss the options with you.