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Attractive and comfortable | Type D


Number of persons: 4/Number of bedrooms : 2

All mod cons

The ”Exclusif” is known as a bright home with special details. The balance between the taut shapes and charming additional features give the Exclusif its warm and inviting character. Every room manages to seduce you with its own charm and comfort. This home gives you the ultimate home-away-from-home feeling.

The Exclusif comes with:

  • Two bedrooms with two single beds;
  • A kitchen with fridge/freezer, dishwasher, combination oven, kettle and coffee-maker;
  • A bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet;
  • A large, furnished terrace.

Would you like to spend your well-deserved vacation at the waterfront? The houses 662 and 663 are located at one of our ponds in the park. Do you like fishing? The houses 502 and 538 are beautifully situated at the waterfront of recreation area Geestmerabacht.

House 502 has no private parking.

The type D on Droompark Molengroet has several variations which may cause the interior and exterior to differ from the pictures shown. Browse through the pictures to see examples of the exterior. We can imagine that you want to be sure of the type of house you book. That is why we have listed the corresponding house numbers for you:

White Exclusif: 663
Exclusive with a stone edge at the bottom: 538, 618, 662, 646, 642.

Unique recreation house: 502 (1 bedroom with bunk bed)
For the description and pictures of this type of property we refer you to type A.

Would you like to book one of the above houses or not? Then choose the option "choose location" in the booking process. If you do not choose a location, you will be assigned a random property of this type.