Marina Strandbad is situated on a tributary of the river IJssel. The river is about 100 m wide and the water is clean. A great place for swimming, fishing or water skiing. The journey to Marina Strandbad offers you lots of beautiful vistas and amazing spots to take a break and just enjoy nature.

Experience Holland
Enjoy green landscapes that extend all the way to the distant horizon, water and meadow birds, clouds, cows and sheep. Wave at the cyclists on the dyke and enjoy the sun, the water and a wonderful holiday feeling from the foredeck. By far the best way to really experience Holland.

Marina Strandbad offers full-service berths for all types of boats and can accommodate approx. 170 sailing yachts and motor boats. All berths are equipped with electricity and water in the immediate vicinity.

The marina also offers:

  • Modern toilet facilities
  • A floating filling station
  • A drainage and bilge water pump
  • A trailer ramp with cradle wagon