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Restaurant Sophia's Italian Maasduinen

The most creative and delicious dishes, prepared with passion, pleasure and enthusiasm. Sophia's Italian offers much more than great food. It’s all about offering everyone a fantastic experience! 

The ingredients used are all carefully selected, with particular attention paid to quality and freshness. In addition approximately 90% of our ingredients are organic. Honest and transparent! Just like a true Italian we attach a great deal of importance to family and friends, and we do our utmost to offer our guests a marvellous evening of culinary enjoyment. The theme of family & friends can clearly be seen in the share dining in our winebar.

‘Not just another Italian.’ We won’t settle for being ‘average’. We want to make a difference, and to clearly distinguish ourselves from the other restaurants in our area. We want to give that little bit extra.

You can view our menu if you like, and then you can go right ahead and make your reservation!

Opening hours: 


Monday:        11:00-20:00                  12:00-16:00/ 17:00-20:00

Tuesday:        Closed                          Closed                                              

Wednesday:   11:00-20:00                  12:00-16:00/ 17:00-20:00

Thursday:      11:00-20:00                  12:00-16:00/ 17:00-20:00

Friday:           11:00-20:00                  12:00-16:00/ 17:00-20:00

Saturday:       10:00-20:00                  12:00-16:00/ 17:00-20:00

Sunday:         10:00-20:00                  12:00-20:00

Contact details: 
Maalbekerweg 25, Belfeld
077-475 1782

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