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Time for each other | Type TL

Tiny loft

Number of persons: 2/Aantal slaapkamers: 1

Enjoy the peace

In this luxurious loft you can enjoy pure luxury and space around you. Not only in the loft, but also around the loft, you have plenty of space to stay outside. On the terrace you will experience the tranquility that exudes the beautiful Veluwe nature. The luxurious loft, is entirely in theme, tastefully decorated.

Experience the luxury of the hotel

With an overnight stay in the studio you can enjoy the many extras that you get. The bed is set for two people. In the morning you wake up wonderfully because you can put on slippers and bathrobe, you keep nice and warm feet by the bath mat in the bathroom. In addition, you will also receive two guest towels to complete it.

Including breakfast
With your stay at the Studio Luxe you will also receive a delicious breakfast box. The breakfast box can be delivered from 9 am. The breakfast box consists of:
• Various types of sandwiches, croissant
• Fruit and a small dessert
• Cooked egg
• Assortment of small jams, peanut butter, syrup and chocolate sprinkles
• Two types of cheese and two types of meat products
• Orange juice

Please let us know if you have specific wishes and / or allergies? And what time can we deliver the breakfast box? This can be done by sending an email to or by calling 026 351 88 25.

Time for each other | Type TL
Tiny loft
Number of persons: 2 Aantal slaapkamers: 1