Heerlijke services om jouw vakantie compleet te maken

Op Droompark Enkhuizer Strand krijg je net dat beetje extra

Je kunt bij ons rekenen op een heerlijke (hotel)service. Ervaar bij binnenkomst direct de luxe. Laat je lekker verwennen… Het is ten slotte jouw vakantie! Wij verwennen onze gasten bij aankomst met unieke en luxe hotelservices zoals opgemaakte bedden, handdoeken, een keukenpakket en een klein flesje shampoo, lotion en conditioner. Wil je vaker genieten van de luxe hotelservices? Je kan deze zo vaak als je wil bij boeken bij de lobby. Het is ook mogelijk om voordelige arrangementen bij te boeken voor de uitslapers en vroege vogels onder ons.

Eén ding weet je zeker; je krijgt van ons alle ruimte om jouw vakantie helemaal in te vullen zoals jij dat wilt.

Plenty of choice

Hotel Service
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
We are always happy to help! Whether you have questions about your stay, or need information about the activities on and around the park. Just come up and ask us.
De bedden worden altijd opgemaakt voor je.
Hotel Service
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
Made beds
Isn't this the best? The beds have already been made for you! Simply turn up and turn in. ;-) The best start to a good night's sleep.
Hotel Service
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
Luxury kitchen package
We have provided you with a luxury kitchen package, containing a tea towel, scrub brush, dish towel, dishwasher tablets and more! Things you don't have to bring from home. This means more room for clothes or an extra book to read!
Hotel Service
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
To welcome you, we have provided you with some toiletries and a set of (bath) towels – pure luxury!
Hotel Service
Hotel services
We treat our guests on arrival with unique and luxurious hotel services such as made beds, towels, a kitchen package and a small bottle of shampoo, lotion and conditioner. Here you can read all about the hotel services.
Extra fun
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
Bicycle rental
Explore nature on your bike, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and feel the wind in your hair. You decide where your bike takes you. Simply come up to the reception desk to rent a bike for a day, a few days or a week.
Very convinient
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
Don't be afraid. There is no need to send smoke signals to keep in touch with friends and family. All our parks have Internet. Do you want a speedier connection? Then we charge a small fee.
Special arrangements
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
Early/Late Bird Packages
Want to extend your holiday? Avoid the traffic jam? Why not book our Early/Late Bird Package!
Special arrangements
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
Luxury Checkout Package
Would you like to arrive at your accommodation a bit earlier or leave a bit later on your day of departure? Why not book our Luxury Checkout Package?
Food and beverage
Enjoy delicious sandwiches and a richly topped croissant, a nice boiled egg, a good glass of orange juice and a fresh fruit salad. Order the breakfast box in the lobby or in the app for €14,50 p.p., children €7,50.
Food and beverage
Do you fancy something nice after a nice day? The borrelbox provides the perfect appetite. Enjoy the tastiest cheeses, meats, olives and much more. The borrelbox is for 2 to 3 people, order the drinks box in the app or in the lobby for €19.50.