For the best vacation on the IJsselmeer!

The facilities for you in a row

Droompark Enkhuizer beach is ideally located on the IJsselmeer. Ideal for all water sports enthusiasts.

Standard you will receive our luxury hotel services with your booking, but you can also add many nice extras to your booking. Find out more

Plenty of choice

Water & Fun
Beach and natural lake
Will you be the first to jump in the pool? Or do you prefer to enjoy the view from the beach? The natural lake is surrounded by trees; an ideal spot for a wonderful day away from it all.
Water & Fun
Indoor swimming pool
Dive right in or take a careful jump. The indoor pool is open for everyone and is the perfect place to have fun. Come rain or shine: jump right in!
Food and beverage
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
Bread service
Fancy some delicious freshly baked bread rolls for breakfast? Send us your order a day in advance and voilà, your oven-fresh rolls will be waiting for you the next day! (of course, we can also deliver).
With kids
Droompark Enkhuizer Strand
Rocking, sliding, playing in the sandbox, climbing & clambering… Kids never get tired in the playground! Everybody loves hearing kids laughing and having fun in the playground.
Extra fun
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
Bicycle rental
Explore nature on your bike, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and feel the wind in your hair. You decide where your bike takes you. Simply come up to the reception desk to rent a bike for a day, a few days or a week.
Extra fun
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
Go kart rental
What is more fun than whizzing about on a go kart? Kids simply love it. Honestly? It feels really cool to drive a go kart.
Strand Veluwemeer
Very convinient
Droomparken Enkhuizer Strand
Don't be afraid. There is no need to send smoke signals to keep in touch with friends and family. All our parks have Internet. Do you want a speedier connection? Then we charge a small fee.