Experience the peace and quiet of the Veluwe yourself

Because you want to invest in something beautiful

Investing in your own holiday home is always a good idea. At Droomparken, your investment is guaranteed. Look around, click the various options, request an information package or visit one of our inspiration days. Experience for yourself why owning a holiday home is really cool!

Find your dreamhouse

Soort woning
A solid basis for return
€ 79.500,- tax included
Lot: € 50.000,- costs buyer of € 4.500,- rent per year
  • Number of persons: 4
  • Chalet with an excellent price/quality ratio
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Solid construction, rugged appearance
Cube la Mer
€ 104.500,- tax included
Lot: € 50.000,- costs buyer of € 4.500,- rent per year
  • Number of persons: 4
  • Met de luxe en bijzondere vormgeving steel je de show
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Solid and atmospheric go together
€ 109.500,- tax included
Lot: € 50.000,- costs buyer of € 4.500,- rent per year
  • Number of persons: 4
  • Lots of space, lots of light and extra luxury!
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Ground-breaking, innovative and sustainable
€ 119.500,- tax included
Lot: on request (renting also possible)
  • Number of persons: 4
  • A sustainable home where the L not only stands for the shape but also for Luxury.
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Luxury finish, elegant presentation
Cube Exclusif Plus
€ 139.500,- tax included
Lot: € 50.000,- costs buyer of € 4.500,- rent per year
  • Number of persons: 4
  • Luxurious architect-built holiday bungalow
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A true classic
La Grande Nature
€ 49.500,- tax included
Lot: € 35.000,- costs buyer of € 3.150,- rent per year
  • Number of persons: 4
  • A unique holiday home
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Return from your holiday home

Holiday homes are popular, solid and safe investment objects. You can see the state your home is in, you can view it and make improvements; you know what happens to your investment. And that feels good. Especially if you can also realise a tangible and safe return. The return can quickly go up in a short period of time because of a combination of the recoverable VAT and the rental income.

Solid rental organisation

At our Droomparken locations, we work with a professional rental system that is well-known in the branch. Droomparken is a rapidly growing organisation in the rental market, and has already acquired a great reputation. At all Droomparken, you will find the drive needed to achieve excellent results. Investing in a holiday home has proven to be a safer and more solid option than investing in shares or bank savings. Depending on the object of your choice and how much of your own money you bring in, your return can quickly increase.

Take advantage from supply and demand

In addition, in the long term, you will also see that your home will increase in value. The recreation sector has seen a growing interest for years. Available homes at unique locations are becoming increasingly scarce. You no longer have to wait for future developments, because Droomparken has various unique and special locations available for you. Droompark De Zanding is one of those. We take also care of the entire rental process for you; you don't have to do anything apart from enjoying your profits!

Somnium Recreatie

The sale of the homes is taken care of by sales organisation Somnium Recreatie. Somnium Recreatie has specialised in investing in holiday homes, and can provide you with all the financial and fiscal information about your investment. For more information, go to: www.somniumrecreatie.nl

  1. You get all the time to choose your favourite holiday home.

  2. You are entering into a long-term relationship, so we want you to be happy!

  3. As a private individual, you have 3 days to change your mind, of course.

  4. Your holiday home is and remains a valuable asset.

  1. The indexed park costs are completely transparent.

  2. You can decide whether you outsource the garden maintenance to us.

  3. Renting out the home produces a return. Fixed or variable, the choice is yours.

  1. Our Booking Office and rental partners will ensure a professional rental process.

  2. Home owners are represented in the independent advisory panel.

  3. Want to sell ​​your holiday home? We will give you sound advice.

Test your accommodation

Are you interested in buying your own holiday home at Droompark De Zanding? We warmly invite you to give the house a 'trial run'. We have put together a great 'Test Your Accommodation package' for you, so that you can spend a weekend at Droompark De Zanding. Discover for yourself what you want in a holiday home. You will find out that the possibilities are endless. Contact us for personal advice!

Your account manager

Would you like to make use of our Test Your Accommodation package, because you are interested in buying your own holiday home? Contact our sales advisor at Droompark De Zanding. You can fill in the contact form or contact us directly via the contact details below.

Mr Henk Meijer
+31 (0)6 - 53 92 99 05