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Home: € 79.500,-tax excluded/ Lot: € 50.000,- costs buyerof€ 4.500,- rent per year/ Number of persons: 4

The Unique is a much sought-after chalet type because of its excellent price/quality ratio. The accommodation is equipped with all comforts, and has a private garden, sunny patio and parking space. The perfect balance between traditional forms, maintenance-friendly materials and a playful, versatile lay-out make the Unique the perfect holiday home.


The accommodation has a robust no-nonsense look, because of its traditional construction and straight lines. The many extras that can add value to the chalet make it really unique. The Unique has sustainable wall cladding, PVC window/door frames and meets all the standards for insulation. The Unique is available in various lay-outs and can be provided with a bay window. Extremely flexible, and the perfect investment.


The accommodation is delivered with landscaped garden and your own parking space. Various extras are possible; ask our sales advisors for more information.

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