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Cube Magnifique

Home: € 299.500,-tax excluded/ Lot: € 150.000,- costs buyerof€ 13.500,- rent per year/ Number of persons: 8

This special Cube Magnifique gives the concept of recreation a whole new dimension. This 8-person holiday home is very spacious and can rightly be called the biggest in the Netherlands! It was designed by well-known architect Jan van Tellingen, has four bedrooms, lovely high windows, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, robust materials and a sophisticated lay-out; a truly unique holiday home!


The Cube Magnifique is spacious, functional, modern and stylish. All materials used are of a high quality, to make maintenance easier and make the building extra sustainable. The impressive windows give the indoor area a light, modern and luxurious feel. The chimney stack offers room for a lovely fireplace in your living room and can also be used for an outdoor fireplace. The holiday home has a spacious living area and features 4 bedrooms, one of which is on the ground floor. Downstairs, you’ll also find a separate bathroom and toilet. The impressive mezzanine gives the accommodation an amazing spatial effect, and comprises the other 3 bedrooms and a bathroom with toilet.


The fireplace of this holiday home is situated in between 2 large windows, which gives you a phenomenal view from the comfort of your own living room. The sliding doors offer you access to a spacious and sunny patio, with a beautiful pergola. In addition, this holiday home has 2 parking spaces.

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