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Luxury finish, elegant presentation

Cube Exclusif Plus

Residence: € 139.500,-tax included/ Lot: € 50.000,- costs buyerof€ 4.500,- rent per year/ Number of persons: 4

The robust interior, combined with a lot of glass and cool outdoor fireplace give this special object lots of character. This architect-built holiday bungalow Cube Exclusif is a feast for the eyes. The spacious living room features a beautiful open (gas) fireplace and a smart kitchen with luxury built-in appliances. The Cube also has two spacious bedrooms and a spacious and luxurious bathroom. The large patio with outdoor fireplace is a great outdoor space. The garden is lovely and green and has playful landscaping element.  


The Cube Exclusif is made with solid and sustainable materials, has great insulation qualities and has a HR central heating system.


The Cube Exclusif is delivered with a playfully landscaped garden. Of course, the bungalow also comes with a parking space.

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