The Zanding Dream Park offers endless possibilities for a wonderful holiday on the Veluwe. Both during the summer holiday, May holiday and autumn holiday, but also during the Whitsun and Ascension breaks, and even outside the holiday periods, whether you want to book a short or a long stay: there is always something to do at this beautiful holiday park on the Veluwe.

Camp site and holiday park De Zanding on the Veluwe is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands, just outside the village of Otterlo. It is surrounded on three sides by miles of vast nature reserves. During a holiday on the Veluwe, you enjoy sand drifts where you can see for miles, dense forests where you can barely see daylight, and stroll along stately avenues with old beeches. Want to see wild animals? Behind the park - a few minutes on foot - you can regularly come face to face with a couple of red deer, countless roe deer and there are several groups of wild boar too.

Your ideal camping holiday on the Veluwe starts at Droompark De Zanding. Look around the website at your leisure and check out the photos and videos to get in the holiday mood. And then easily book your holiday online.

Herfstvakantie op de Veluwe

Vakantie op de Veluwe