Droompark De Zanding is the camp site with the best animation team in the Netherlands! Your children will have a great time at this child-friendly camp site on the Veluwe. Our animation team organises fun activities for your children every day. The park, with a beautiful swimming lake and a sports area, offers endless possibilities for challenging and fun sports and creative activities! Check out the map to see how spacious the park is and what options it offers for endless quests and exciting activities, organised by our animation team. Your children will never get bored at this camp site!

Our child-friendly camp site on the Veluwe is also great for parents

As a parent, you don’t have to worry that we only have kids’ activities at Droompark De Zanding: there is plenty to do for adults too!

  • Walking or cycling in the beautiful surroundings
  • Fishing or rowing on the lake
  • Swimming in the lake or relaxing on the beach

There is plenty to discover in the area! You can relax or do something active, while your children enjoy themselves at our child-friendly camp site on the Veluwe. Our animation team has following all the required training, and we can guarantee your kids will be safe and looked after by our animation team at camp site De Zanding. If you want to know more about our camp site with animation, please feel free to contact us via 0318 - 596111 or fill in our contact form.