Spend the autumn holidays in the Netherlands, on the Veluwe! Droompark De Zanding is the perfect base to discover the beautiful surroundings. There is plenty to do for young and old! Combine fun day trips with discovering the facilities the park has to offer, including our restaurants, a large lake and play equipment for the kids, such a super-fun climbing tower and zip line! There are two ways of enjoying your stay on the Veluwe during your autumn holiday:

  • Pick one of our fully-equipped camping pitches and put up your tent when the weather is good, or bring your caravan.
  • Or choose one of the accommodations, which are always great, no matter what the weather is. We have accommodations for small and larger groups.

You can make a reservation now, to be assured of an accommodation or camping pitch on the Veluwe during the autumn holiday. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Droompark De Zanding or what you can do on the Veluwe during the autumn holiday! Feel free to call us on 0318 - 596111 or fill in the contact form. Why not combine excitement and relaxation during your autumn holiday on the Veluwe, at Droompark De Zanding!


Herfstvakantie op de Veluwe

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