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Less is more | Type TH4

Tiny House Plus

Number of persons: 4/Number of bedrooms : 2

Less home, more life

The Tiny House Movement is a social movement that promotes a simpler yet more meaningful life. Their motto is "Less home, more life." Our Tiny Houses are located in the heart of the wooded park. A stay in these homes will bring you closer to nature.

The Tiny House has a smart and attractive interior with lots of natural elements. It has all the facilities you need. Together with other Tiny Houses, the Tiny House stands on an open-air courtyard with benches, hammocks, a barbecue and a wonderful hot tub*! 

The Tiny House comes with:

  • Compact accommodation with a smart layout for 4 persons 
  • With pellet stove and electric heating
  • Two elevated bedrooms through a staircase (one with a double bed and one with two single beds)
  • Bathroom with toilet, washbasin and shower 
  • Kitchen with microwave, two-burner hob and a kettle
  • Along with other Tiny Houses, the accommodation stands on an open-air courtyard with benches, barbecue, hammocks and a hot tub.