Information about your stay at Droomparken (update 10 March)

Your vacation and the coronavirus, what now? 

Are you planning on staying at Droomparken soon? We would like to inform you about the recent developments concerning the spread of the Coronavirus in the Netherlands and what that means for your holiday. 

What does this mean for you?

Update 10 March: check here the complete overview of measures and the consequences for your holiday.

You are still welcome at our parks to enjoy nature. Together we limit the spread of the virus. We closely follow the developments surrounding the Coronavirus and follow the official recommendations of the RIVM and the authorities where our parks are located. We would like to point you to the website www.RIVM.nl where you can read more about the current recommendations and regulations. On behalf of all employees of Droomparken we wish you a pleasant stay.

Kind regards,
Team Droomparken