In the tight housing market of today, there are many reasons that can make temporary housing necessary. For example, renovations or repairs to the owner-occupied home, or awaiting the completion of a new home. Secondment, periodical staff or housing business relations can also create a need for the decision on temporary accommodation (s).

Dream parks, with approximately 3750 homes spread over 14 recreation parks throughout the Netherlands, offers the perfect solution for the need for temporary accommodation: StayXL. The well-kept and service-oriented parks are located in very favorable areas of the Netherlands. There are locations near Schiphol and under the smoke of Amsterdam, but also close to other cities such as Arhnem, Roermond, Amersfoort, Alkmaar etc .. with a lot of activity. There is a choice of various types of accommodations and service options

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Long-term rental and temporary living space
Stay XL
  • In todays tight housing market there are several reasons why you need temporary living space. Droomparken has the perfect solution: StayXL


What is the maximum period of stay?

How long do I have to stay at least?

Do I have to sign a lease?

What is the notice period?

Can I bring a pet, how many?

Can I rent a shed there?

Do I have to purchase the Hotel Service?

Can I register at the park?

Can I have the mail delivered to the park?

What is the interim cleaning and weekly hotel services?


26 weeks in one accommodation

8 weeks


4 weeks

Yes, if it is allowed in the accommodation. (2)

Only if the owner lets this out, so on request.

No, it is not compulsory to purchase the Hotel Services for a StayXL booking.



At the hotel service you receive made beds, 2 towels per person and a kitchen towel set. This is changed weekly. The interim cleaning consists of: packing and unpacking the dishwasher, washing / drying dirty dishes, cleaning the inside of cupboards, straightening furniture inside and outside, window cleaning, sweeping the terrace. If you have purchased hotel services, your bed will be made if there are no personal items on it. Our cleaners are not allowed to move personal belongings, so if you want a cleaning, please clean up your personal belongings so that cleaning can be done.

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