Extra enjoyment

Hotel services

Just that little bit extra

If you're going on holiday then of course you don't want to think of anything else but all the fun things you're going to do. Have you booked your holiday or weekend away at Droomparken? Then you don't have to ask yourself what to bring with you. We have already arranged most of it for you so that when you arrive you can start doing fun things right away. The beds are made, there is a towel and service package ready for you and in the bathroom the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are also ready for you. Would you like to enjoy the luxury hotel services more often? You can use them as often as you like when booking in the lobby. For the ultimate holiday feeling! 

Beds made up

Upon arrival we have already made the beds for you. So you don't have to bring bed linen and you don't have to make the beds. We will do that for you. Would you like to enjoy a made bed or new bed linen more often? Please contact the lobby, for a fee a new set of bed linen can be provided for you. 

Towel package

Besides the bed linen there is also a towel package ready for you when you arrive at your holiday home. For each person there is a large bath towel and a small towel. Do you need a clean set of towels? Please contact the lobby, for a fee a new set of towels can be provided for you. 

Service package

The service package consists of a detergent and a dishwashing brush, three dishwasher tablets for when you don't want to do the dishes yourself. If you still want to, or need to, clean something, the service package includes an all-purpose cleaner, a scouring pad and two dishcloths. Two extra garbage bags to put the garbage in and a plastic bag to put the dirty laundry in.  

Bathroom package

In the bathroom the shower gel, shampoo and conditioner are waiting for you so you can take a nice shower after a day of fun things to do. Are there multiple bathrooms in the house? Then of course there is a set for you in every bathroom. 


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