Wonderful services to make your holiday perfect

At Droompark Buitenhuizen you get that extra something

You can count on us to deliver great (hotel) Services. Experience the luxury as soon as you arrive. Prepare to be pampered! ... You're on holiday! You can also book one of the various money-saving packages. How about a delicious gourmet package or a relaxing wellness package?

One thing is sure; you get all the room you need to fill in your holiday the way you want it.

Enough choice

Water & Fun
Paddling lake
Canoeing is great fun! What could be more fun than stepping into a boat and gliding over the water while enjoying the beautiful nature? It gives you a wonderful feeling, when you and your partner are paddling synchronously and manage to achieve perfect balance.
Hotel Service
Droompark Buitenhuizen
We are always happy to help! Whether you have questions about your stay, or need information about the activities on and around the park. Just come up and ask us.
Hotel Service
Made beds
Isn't this the best? The beds have already been made for you! Simply turn up and turn in. ;-) You only have to fluff up the pillows.
Hotel Service
Droompark Buitenhuizen
Luxury kitchen package
We have provided you with a luxury kitchen package, containing a tea towel, scrub brush, dish towel, dishwasher tablets and more! Things you don't have to bring from home. This means more room for clothes or an extra book to read!
Hotel Service
Droompark Buitenhuizen
To welcome you, we have provided you with some toiletries and a set of (bath) towels – pure luxury!
Extra fun
Bicycle rental
Explore nature on your bike and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and feel the wind in your hair. You decide where your bike takes you.
Very convinient
Droompark Buitenhuizen
Toilet facilities
Hygiene is very important. All our parks are therefore equipped with a spacious and clean toilet block, with all modern comforts. You can use the showers here for free.
Very convinient
Droompark Buitenhuizen
Don't be afraid. There is no need to send smoke signals to keep in touch with friends and family. All our parks have Internet. Do you want a speedier connection? Then we charge a small fee.
Very convinient
Droompark Buitenhuizen
Small or big loads... Our machines can handle it all! Not the first thing you think of on holiday, but it is very nice to have clean and fluffy beach towels!
Special arrangements
Droompark Buitenhuizen
Early/Late Bird Packages
Want to extend your holiday? Avoid the traffic jam? Why not book our Early/Late Bird Package!