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Unique smarthomes | Type TH

Tiny House

Number of persons: 2/Number of bedrooms : 1

Less home, more life

The Tiny House Movement is a social movement that promotes a simpler yet more meaningful life. Their motto is "Less home, more life." Our Tiny Houses stand in a magnificent location of the park. A stay in these homes will bring you closer to nature.

The Tiny House has a smart and attractive interior with lots of natural elements. It has all the facilities you need. Together with other Tiny Houses, the Tiny House stands on an open-air courtyard with benches, hammocks, a barbecue and a wonderful hot tub*! 

The Tiny House comes with:

  • A double bed;
  • A bathroom with shower;
  • A kitchen with combined oven, hob, fridge, coffee-maker and a kettle.

* Of course, you don't have to bring your own wood for the barbecue and the hot tub, you can buy it in the lobby.

We would like to inform you that from November 1, 2019 to March 1, 2020 construction work will take place at Droompark Buitenhuizen. 40 new sustainable holiday homes are being built during this period. Unfortunately it is possible that you will be inconvenienced if you stay in a Tiny House. Of course we do our utmost to limit the inconvenience as much as possible and not to reduce your holiday fun. If you are a nuisance, report this to the lobby and we will look for a suitable solution for you!

TH01Has a sofa bed (suitable for 1 adult or 2 children, width 110 cm x 195 cm long) and is therefore suitable for 4 persons.
TH02Has a sofa bed and is therefore suitable for four people, Pets are welcome

The houses may differ from the interior and therefore differ from the photographs shown. Every house is unique! Choose one of the properties you would like to book, under "choose location" when booking online. If you do not choose a location, you will receive one of the available properties of this type. Do you have any questions or can we help you with something else? Please call the booking centre on 088-055 1500.