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Away together | Type S


Number of persons: 2/Number of bedrooms : 1


In this 2-person studio, enjoy every moment!

Type S has a toilet and room bathroom / shower and a lovely terrace to enjoy the nature.

Experience the luxury of the hotel

With an overnight stay in the studio you can enjoy the many extras that you get. The bed is set for two people. In the morning you wake up wonderfully because you can put on slippers and bathrobe, you keep nice and warm feet by the bath mat in the bathroom. In addition, you will also receive two guest towels to complete it.

Extra option: breakfast basket booklets

At this accommodation it is possible to book a breakfast basket for € 8.50 per day. When booking via the website or via our booking center, you can indicate whether you want a breakfast basket for 1 day or for all days of your stay. The breakfast basket can be picked up at reception from 09:00. (Please note! We can only guarantee the breakfast basket when you have booked it in advance. On arrival, this option is only possible on request.)

Possibility to book two studios next to each other

It is also possible to book two studios next to each other with a connected door. This is only available on request via the booking center or the reception at the park.