General information

Opening hours

DroomPark Bospark Garderen is affiliated with the "WestCord Hotel de Veluwe". You can check in at the hotel reception. The reception desk is open 24 hours a day.

Your account manager

Mr W. Vergidis 06- 450 20 420

Opening hours sales office

The sales office is open by appointment.


Is your four-legged friend travelling with you? At Droompark Schoneveld, we allow (up to 2) pets in many of the accommodations. We do charge a fee of € 5.00 per pet per night. Pet-free accommodations are marked with the letters GH (Geen Huisdier). ** Do not forget to let us know you are bringing your pet!**

Do you have a question?

Do not hesitate to contact our staff at the Booking Office on telephone number 088 - 055 1500.

From Apeldoorn station to Droompark Bospark Garderen:

At Apeldoorn station, take Bus 102 (direction ‘Amersfoort’ via Voorthuizen). After ± 25 mins, get off at bus stop ‘Hoeve Oud Milligen’ in Garderen. Follow the Oud Milligenseweg until you reach DroomPark Bospark Garderen (± 6 mins).

From DroomPark Bospark Garderen to Apeldoorn station

From DroomPark Bospark Garderen, follow the Oud Millingseweg until you reach the crossing with the Apeldoornsestraat (± 6 mins). At bus stop 'Hoeve Oud Milligen', take Bus 102 (direction ‘Apeldoorn’ via Voorthuizen). After ± 25 mins, get off at bus stop ‘Station’ in Apeldoorn.

Map of the park

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