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Tiny House 4 personen

Home: € 99.500,-tax excluded/ Lot: € 50.000,- costs buyerof€ 4.500,- rent per year/ Number of persons: 4

Smart use of space, innovative technology and a slick design, these are the characteristics of a Tiny House. For the 'Tiny Houses by Dream Parks' experiments have been carried out with a pellet stove and electric heating. The materials used are ecologically sound and the layout and appearance are playful and offer the 'natural' feeling you would expect in such a high-profile environment... Together this means less maintenance, less stuff, less energy consumption, less costs and less footprint! In a community atmosphere one shares the terrace, benches and barbecues. Enjoying together and 'the new chill out' is the new vacation experience.

First floor with bathroom (shower and sink), kitchen and sitting area
Two raised bedrooms (low ceiling) accessible via a staircase with a double bed and one with two single beds
Together with other Tiny Houses, the house adjoins an open-air courtyard with a fire pit.
Suitable for 4 persons
Expandable with lots of fun options
Including kitchen
More information about our Tiny Houses can be found at:

Lot for sale from € 50.000,- or for rent from € 4.000,- per year.

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