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Centrally located on a beautiful corner lot

Carre 6-personen

Woning: € 129.500,-marge/ Kavel: € 50.000,- costs buyerof€ 4.000,- rent per year/ Number of persons: 6

You will be amazed by the space offered in the attractive Carré bungalow. The spacious and light living room with a luxurious kitchen offers lots of room for grand furniture. Carré includes a very spacious bedroom for long lie-ins. The fully tiled bathroom with luxury interior will also be to your liking. Carré is extremely well located, close to the edge of the forest and nature reserve area. This fantastic holiday bungalow is guaranteed to provide you with years of enjoyment during weekends and long holidays.


The Carré holiday bungalow has been constructed using high-quality, low-maintenance materials. It boasts a spacious veranda underneath from which you can enjoy hot summer evenings. The property benefits from excellent insulation and has been fitted with a central heating system.


The Carre comes with a central lot and is situated on a cornerplot which provides lots of privacy.

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