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For your group of friends | Type GB10L

Group villa Plus

Number of persons: 10/Number of bedrooms : 5

Out and about with your friends

The detached “Groepsvilla Plus” stands in a tranquil and central location of the park. It has a large garden so there's plenty of space for all of you! All in all, this villa is ideal for weekends away with your friends!

The Groepsvilla Plus comes with:

  • Five double bedrooms;
  • The bedrooms come with separate beds;
  • Two bathrooms (one comes with a bath);
  • A separate toilet;
  • A living room fireplace;
  • A kitchen with dishwasher, combination oven, kettle and coffee-maker.
  • A large garden with lawn

Droompark Beekbegen has different variations of this type. Exterior and interior can differ from each other. We have listed a number of features below, so you can book a house that matches your taste and wishes. Particulars: Objectnumber Sauna H54, H113, H32. By the water H75. Floor heating H32, H70, H75, H91, H106 Electric fireplace H30 Oven H32 (2x), H84, H106 Solarium H32 Dogs allowed H54 Allmost every accommodation has 1 bunk bed. H30 and H32 have no bunk bed. On the ground floor of object H84 there are four bunk beds. As exception object H30 and H32 have a basement with two bedrooms and one bathroom. H30 also has a scullery with washing machine and dryer. H32 features a gas fireplace and free WIFI. If you would like to book these homes, or rather not want to book, choose the option "choose location" in the online booking process. When you do not make a location selection, you will be assigned a random accommodation of this type.