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Space for vacation | Type H8

Group villa

Number of persons: 8/Number of bedrooms : 4

Let's all go on a holiday!

The detached “Groepsvilla” stands in the tranquil woods of the park. It also has a large garden and is within a few metres from the playground. All in all, this villa is ideal for family weekends!

The Groepsvilla comes with:

  • Four double bedrooms;
  • The bedrooms come with separate beds;
  • A bathroom with shower and washbasin;
  • A separate toilet;
  • A living room with fireplace;
  • A kitchen with dishwasher, combination oven, kettle and coffee-maker.
  • A large garden with lawn

This type of bungalow comes in multiple interior and exterior varieties. Therefore, the home you book can differ from the illustrations shown. For further information, please contact reception. Some of the homes have an outdoor fireplace for pleasant summer evenings.