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Atmospheric and comfortabl | Type G

Exclusif Plus

Number of persons: 6/Number of bedrooms : 3

All mod cons

The ”Exclusif Plus” is known as a bright home with special details. The balance between the taut shapes and charming additional features give the Exclusif its warm and inviting character. Every room manages to seduce you with its own charm and comfort. This home gives you the ultimate home-away-from-home feeling.

The Exclusif Plus comes with:

  • Three bedrooms with two single beds;
  • A kitchen with fridge/freezer, dishwasher, combination oven, kettle and coffee-maker;
  • A bathroom with shower, washbasin and toilet;
  • A large, furnished terrace.
  • There are various types of this home, look under 'particulars' for an overview.

As shown in the illustrations, this type of bungalow comes in multiple interior and exterior varieties. For further information, or a preferential booking, please contact reception.