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Go crazy!

Animation team

The Droomparken animation team organises fun sports and gaming activities. These activities only take place during the following school holidays and public holidays: Easter, May holiday, Ascension weekend, Whitsun weekend and the summer holidays. Check out our animation programme and take part in the fun activities! Upcoming events:

Activities in the May Holiday


Our animation team guarantees lots of holiday fun for both young and old! From disco swimming to a selfie mission and Life-Size Stratego: at Droompark Bad Hulckesteijn there is plenty of fun for the entire May holiday!

The main attraction this holiday is the Kids Festival. We'll have a bouncy castle, XXL twister, a mega dart game and much more. Come join the fun!

Come to DE CABANA during the May holiday, unless otherwise stated, and enjoy a holiday full of fun activities! Programme changes are posted on the door of DE CABANA.