Enjoy your meal!

Brasserie De Vuurtoren

At our wonderful Brasserie De Vuurtoren you can enjoy a nice snack and drink, while taking in the beautiful surroundings. The brasserie is located on the waterfront and has a stylish and beautifully decorated sun terrace. The terrace also offers a number of great lounging areas. Hospitality, a homely atmosphere and fantastic food. That is what you will find at Brasserie De Vuurtoren.

**A bite to eat ** Brasserie De Vuurtoren is open daily, on weekdays from noon and on weekends from 11.00 am. Start the day with a delicious cup of coffee and some cake. We serve a delicious lunch and in the evening, you have the choice from various great dishes for a ** ** dinner.

The menu offers a variety of dishes and surprising combinations. We work with fresh ingredients and homemade products. Our hostess can advise you on a wine to accompany your meal, to make the experience even more enjoyable!

Besides the regular menu, ** Brasserie De Vuurtoren ** often has day specials, and we regularly organise special tasting sessions to celebrate the seasons.                                                                                                           

** Wedding venue ** Brasserie De Vuurtoren is also an official wedding and meeting venue. Will you be saying ‘I do!’ at this romantic location? Celebrate your special day with a festive reception, complete with wedding cake or just drinks, followed by a 5-course dinner, buffet or a luxury barbecue.

Do you like to party? The Brasserie can be booked exclusively to finish your wedding day with a party you will never forget! Brasserie De Vuurtoren offers you many options.

Opening hours: 

Monday:        Open from 16.00 hr / Kitchen closed at 20.00 hr

Tueday:        Open from 16.00 hr / Kitchen closed at 20.00 hr

Wednesday:  Closed

Thursday:     Open from 16.00 hr / Kitchen closed at 20.00 hr

Friday:         Open from 12.00 hr / Kitchen closed at 21.00 hr

Saturday:    Open from 11.00 hr / Kitchen closed at 21.00 hr

Sunday:      Open from 11.00 hr / Kitchen closed at 20.00 hr


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