Beaver expedition in Lelystad nature park

14-07-2018- 28-07-2018

Have you ever seen beavers in real life? It is difficult to spot this animal, because it does not show itself during the day. So join the excursion at dusk, when the beaver comes out of his lodge. You will go looking for the beaver to catch a glimpse of this nocturnal animal. Did you not see him? Rest assured, you will know a lot about this big rodent after listening to the stories of the guide!

It is important to be silent during the excursion, to improve the chances of spotting the beavers. For this reason, there are special excursions for families and for adults.

Bring the whole family beaver spotting on Saturday 14 July, or a group of adults on Saturday 28 July, and enjoy a day full of information, nature and a drink.

Do not forget to reserve a spot for this family activity or the adult excursion!

Costs: €7.50

Beaver expedition in Lelystad nature park
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