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Unique opportunity | Type CUB10

Cube Magnifique Plus

Number of persons: 10/Number of bedrooms : 4

A new dimension

The special Cube Magnifique has been designed by architect Jan van Tellingen and gives a new dimension to the concept of recreation. The home is spacious, functional, contemporary and stylish. The home can accommodate 11 persons. Its atmosphere and comfort makes this the ideal holiday home! The impressive vide provides the home with a magnificent spacious effect. You must have stayed in this home at least once in your lifetime!

The living room with its high ceilings and windows is impressive and creates a very pleasant atmosphere flooded with natural light. Finally, the spacious terrace with a luxurious lounge furniture set will give you hours of enjoyment in the sun!


  • 10 persons
  • 2 beautiful bedroom for 2 persons
  • 2 stylish bedrooms, each for 3 persons
  • 2 luxurious bathrooms
  • Bathroom upstairs has a bath
  • Separate toilet
  • Luxurious kitchen
  • spacious terrace with a luxurious lounge furniture
  • 2 parking spaces