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Ground-breaking, innovative and sustainable


Home: € 199.500,-tax excluded/ Lot: € 85.000,- costs buyer/ Number of persons: 4

The Modus is a sustainable home with a trendy exterior. It gives you a unique impression of the latest generation of holiday homes. The attractive round shapes are incorporated in the design and really create that ‘wow’ feeling. The living room has a large window offering you a panoramic view. Adjacent is the cosy master bedroom, where you can, of course, watch TV from your bed.

The kitchen of the Modus is equipped with all the (built-in) appliances which you can expect from such a trendy home.

Surprisingly, the second bedroom is set up as a kind of modern 2-person box bed. In addition, the house has a nice bathroom with toilet.

The large patio allows you to have fun outside this holiday bungalow as well. The garden is lovely and green and has a playful design. Of course, the bungalow also comes with a parking space.


Sustainability was an important factor in the design and development of this holiday home. The house is made of sustainable materials and has electric heating. Of course, the house is equipped with energy-saving insulation.


The Modus has a playfully landscaped garden and beautiful, fully-tiled sun patio. The accommodation can also be rented out, providing you with a great return on investment. The VAT can be fully recovered if you use the holiday home for rental purposes. Our professional rental organisation can take care of all rental activities for you. For more information, you can contact our account manager.

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