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Cube Magnifique

Home: € 299.500,-tax excluded/ Lot: € 175.000,- b.c. (prices from)of€ 20.000,- rent per year/ Number of persons: 8

The special Cube Magnifique gives a completely new dimension to the concept of recreation. This 8 person house is very spacious and we dare to call it the largest in the Netherlands! Designed by renowned architect Jan van Tellingen with four bedrooms, beautiful high windows, an indoor and outdoor fireplace, robust materials, heat pump and a sophisticated division of space; a truly unique object in the Netherlands!

The Cube Magnifique is spacious, functional, contemporary and stylish. All materials used are of a high quality, to facilitate maintenance and offer extra durability. The impressive glass panes provide a light, modern and luxurious appearance. The chimney column provides space for a beautiful fireplace in your living room and can be used for an outdoor fireplace. The house has a generous living area and has 4 bedrooms, 1 of which is on the ground floor. Downstairs you will also find a separate bathroom and toilet. The sensational mezzanine on the first floor gives a beautiful spatial effect to this house. Here are the other 3 bedrooms and a bathroom with toilet.

The fireplace of this house is situated between 2 large windows, which gives you a phenomenal view from the comfort of your own living room. Through the sliding doors you step outside on your spacious sun terrace, equipped with a beautiful pergola. In addition, this house has no less than 2 parking spaces.

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