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State-of-the-art second home

Cube Elite

Home: € 199.500,-tax excluded/ Lot: € 100.000,- costs buyerof€ 6.800,- rent per year/ Number of persons: 6

The Cube Elite comes with a magnificent deluxe kitchen with fitted appliances and adjoining spacious living room with (gas-fired) fireplace. The villa offers two very spacious bedrooms. The Cube Elite comes with two fine deluxe bathrooms. The Cube Elite provides a separate restroom with wall-mounted off-the-floor toilet. The unit has excellent insulation and central heating.


The unit has advanced domotics (optional) throughout. An option is placement of a heat pump, an environment friendly solution for an optimum interior climate.


The Cube Elite comes in three models: the Standard, the Plus and the Premium. Ask about the possibilities and options, or come by for more detailed information.

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