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Find your perfect holiday home

The new season of the Dutch TV programme Droom van een Tweede Huis is all about this question. Have you always dreamed of buying a holiday home in the Netherlands? To get away at the moments when it suits you? Then this new season is a must see! Because how do you find that perfect home? And which holiday accommodation really fits your needs? Marco Budding, marketing director at Droomparken and Corine Boon, presenter at RTL 4, will answer these questions!

Advice from various experts

In the programme, interested buyers get help finding the holiday home that meets their wishes and needs. "We always help interested buyers from start to finish," says Marco Budding, marketing director at Droomparken. Interested buyers who are not in the show, can also receive this type of help.

Rising demand for holiday homes in the Netherlands

"In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of requests from people who are interested in buying a holiday home. We have also sold considerably more holiday homes at our Droomparken. Because of our experience in selling holiday homes, we can help with this process. And what could be better to help a large audience at once through a television programme?", says Marco Budding.

Droom van een Tweede Huis

Are you curious and do you also dream of owning a holiday home in a beautiful location in the Netherlands? Take a look at our range of homes to buy. Do you want to get some inspiration first to see which Droomhuis suits you? You can watch the programme ‘Droom van een Tweede Huis’ on RTL4, on Saturdays at 2.30 pm and on Sundays at 11.00 am. Have you seen a house in the TV show that you want to know more about? On the  Droom van een Tweede Huis website, you can find all the houses highlighted in the TV programme.

Want to look at your Droomhuis in real life?

Visit the Inspiration days at one of the Droomparken. While enjoying a drink and a bite to eat, you can view the various houses. We have made a list of the Inspiration days for you, so you can choose which location to visit. Do you already have a specific Droomhuis in mind? Then come and try our "Test your accommodation” package. This lets you experience whether the Droomhuis really suits you!

Find your perfect holiday home