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Knights, highwaymen and fair damsels

Essenburgh Castle in Hierden

The estate of Essenburgh Castle is absolutely beautifully landscaped, with a garden in English style: round shapes, colourful trees, lakes and fountains and an animal island.

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Cannenburch Cannenburch Castle in Vaassen

This estate is located in the village of Vaassen on the Veluwe. The castle still exudes the atmosphere of life in the glory days of Cannenburch, in the 18th Century.

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Staverden Castle in Staverden

At Staverden, nature and the rich local history are carefully preserved. The estate has been completely restored, with the focus on authenticity. You can experience it in all its glory in the 17th-century castle gardens, orangery, coach house, gardener's home and the various rooms of the castle.

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Museum Elburg

Museum Elburg is located in a 15th-century convent. The permanent collection comprises objects that bring the history of Elburg and surrounding area alive. The museum also organises various exhibitions every year.

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