Marsh walk Lepelaarplassen

14-07-2018- 14-07-2018

Don't forget your boots and binoculars! A unique activity where you imagine yourself in another world! Come to the Lepelaarplassen at Almere on 14 July at 10.00 am and follow this 3-hour walk along the reed beds, willow forests and scented bramble bushes. Enjoy the greenery, high willows and overhanging elder bushes.

The nature reserve Natura2000 is located on an important international route for migratory birds and is a paradise for water and swamp birds. Admire these extraordinary birds from the observation huts and enjoy an overwhelming view of one of the lakes from the 'hidden' bird-watching hut halfway.

When you get back at the visitor centre, coffee and cakes will be waiting for you!

Walking through the Lepelaarplassen is only allowed with a guide. Reserve your spot for this activity now.

Costs: €5
Donors and children get a discount and pay €2.50.

Marsh walk Lepelaarplassen
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